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Trade and Add Question on Skal Labassiere


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This is tough. Middleton is underrated in teams of multi-category dominance.  He doesn't really hurt you anywhere, but the potential of Porizingis outweighs  Middleton pretty heavily.  And Noel, if given minutes, is a monster if he can return to the minutes he had a couple years ago when he was a defensive stat beast (1.5 steals 1.5 blocks wiht 8 boards).  


One side provides you benefits across the board, whereas another benefits you if you are in need of boards, blocks, pts.  Depends on what ur team comp is like, but in a vaccuum, probably porizingis and skal. 


I'd drop Booker for Skal in a heart beat


Can you help with mine?


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Depends on your team organization.  Middleton and Noel over the Zingis/Skal side in a vacuum.  There's NO way Carlisle keeps Noel to 20 minutes, especially when the Mavs are hoping to retain Noel.  While he won't shoot as well as last night, he'll be good for a low dub-dub with about 3 stocks combined per night, as long as he can get 30 or so min.  Middleton's pretty safe in the 4th-5th round for scoring with good treys/stls and some supporting stats.  Zingis' FG% is quite shaky, which keeps him from being elite as a big, and he's more of a PF rebounder than a C.  


Skal I'm just not sure about.  The Kings brought in George Hill AND Z-bo on fairly expensive deals, so it's clear they don't want to hand the reins to Fox/Skal just yet.  (Then again, it's the Kings and I question pretty much every one of their choices).  Skal's game last night was due to Z-Bo being out.  I'd play a watch-and-see game for Skal, at least for now.  However, if you can drop Booker for him, I'd be okay with that.  I very much doubt Booker's gonna play heavy minutes for the Nets when RHJ is starting to play C and they start focusing on youth/team cohesion.


Any advice?


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