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DRAFT TONIGHT! Need to fill up 2 more teams ESPN H2H Points Keeper League

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There's only 2 teams left! the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron as the Keeper, and one other team (can be any team not chosen yet).

Pick whichever NBA team you want and select the best player from that team as your keeper. 10 team H2H points Keeper League. Very active owner.


League Page: http://games.espn.com/fba/leagueoffice?leagueId=299175&seasonId=2018


The teams and keepers already chosen are:


Division A:

1. Milwaukee Bucks (Giannis Antetakoumpo)

2. Boston Celtics (Kyrie Irving)

3. New Orleans Pelicans (AD)




Division B:

1. San Antonio Spurs (Kawhi Leonard)

2. Houston Rockets (James Harden)

3. Minnesota Timberwolves (KAT)

4. Golden State Warriors (Curry)

5. OKC Thunder (Westbrook)

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5 minutes ago, battousaiken said:

Ok. I'll add you to the waiting list. If jbedolla doesn't pick a team within the hour I'll send you an invite. Or, if you have a friend that wants to join I can make it a 12 team league and add you both.

Fun league I wanna join it! But I don't have friends joining, so is it ok to make 12 teams? 

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33 minutes ago, jbedolla said:

Those are solid recommends for sure. I'm debating between a few guys I'll select on the league site in the next hour man.

Whiteside and Porzingis were selected. The Wizards and John Wall, the 76ers with Ben Simmons, and anyo other East team that's available you can choose from.

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