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Rate my team and suggest any moves/trades ! (WHIR 100%)

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It's a 12man League , 1PPR 


QB: Matt Ryan

RB: Bell

RB: Hunt

WR: TY Hilton

WR: Eric Decker

TE: Brate

Flex: Chris Thompson

K: Matt Bryant

Def: Panthers (streaming)


Bench: Sterling Shepard, DeVante Parker, Willie Snead, Blount and Doctson


There is a league member who wants a good RB for Michael Thomas or DT. I'm considering that because I think I'm weak in that spot.


What do you guys suggest about my team ? Should i trade for MT or DT ? And who should i offer ?



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I like Michael Thomas and think he would upgrade your WRs.  I would acquire him if possible, but would not trade either RB straight-up for him.


I also think that Chris Thompson has to slow down.  He's a good sell-high candidate.

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I think your WR could use work. That being said Bell/Hunt combo is beastly. Plus I dont think you have much of RB rotation to trade away one of your premier RB's. I would say hold since you do have several WR's that have yet to step up. Shepard, Devante and Snead have all been injured/underperforming. I would wait it out. GL.

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Your RB core is badass, let’s just get that out of the way first. 


As for upgrades, I like the idea of getting MT. Perhaps you can offer him Snead and Blount for MT. I think that’s fair not to mention you’d have two of the highest targeted highest potential WR’s with Hilton and MT. 


Only thing is, if you pull that off, I’d highly suggest picking up a Plan B RB that could see high volume in case any of yours or your flex goes down. Without Blount and no Plan B, would definitely hurt. 

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1 hour ago, JJRules said:

I wouldn't be mad at trying to move Bell or Hunt for a Hopkins/Martin or Evans/Howard type of deal, but would otherwise stay put.


Yeah, those sound like good moves. Otherwise not many WR I would move for Bell/Hunt. If someone is interested in Thompson or Blount I'd move them possibly package them with one of your WR to upgrade. TY Hilton doesn't look good this year with Luck possibly out all year. Decker looked good the last game, but don't think too highly of him ROS with I believe Corey Davis returning.

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That RB squad is a terrific foundation. They'll provide you with an already sexy floor and an infinite ceiling.


I tried to come up with ideas on moves but I can't see it. I'd rather have Bell or Hunt than most any other RB2 and WR combo unless it was something like Hopkins/Gurley Evans/Freeman Green/CMC... something like that. 

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Solid squad. I wouldn't move Bell or Hunt. You do have an opportunity at WR. I would package two or three of them to get a better WR. Shepard and Parker would likely get you the most value. I would consider pairing those two with Chris Thompson for a better WR and a RB with some upside. 

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Your team is looking stacked


Chris Thompson could lose value now that Kelley is back so you could try and move him, so offloading him now for one of the WR's you mentioned would be solid. I would make sure you keep Shepard as he should see a decent increase in value. 

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6 hours ago, nine9s said:

If you can get Mike Thomas for Chris Thompson I would do that but Bell and Hunt are worth more than any receiver in league now in my opinion. 



thpmson + a wr (decker or shepard) would be something i would do or maybe parker and thompson

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