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Buying Low on Jimmy Butler. WHIR 100%

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Looking to buy-low on Jimmy B and trying to put together a 2:1 to clear up some space.


Some possible offers are:

Al Horford + Robert Covington

Klay Thompson + Robert Covington


Those sound fair?  Too much?  Too little?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and of course, WHIR.  Thank you.

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The second one is definitely too much IMO. It also depends on who you can get from the waiver wire. The first one seems reasonable and if you're targeting Jimmy I see no problem giving that package.  Covington+Jrue is the owner is overreacting or Jrue and Horford also seem fine.

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I can't see your team so I'm not 100% sure but 

if you are not loaded of shooters or you are not punting 3s keep Klay!

Losing Horford should be more affordable..unless you desperately need his assists out of position.

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