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Start Hyde or McKinnon? 0.5 PPR. WHIR!

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Who goes in the flex?


Hyde at home vs. Dallas.


I think with Beathard starting they will try to establish the run game early and hyde, although he got lucky last game to get 2 TDs after being mostly bottled up, looks good and is an underrated back and good fit in shanahans system. There is the threat of Breida stealing some carries, but im more worried about game flow. And hes only gotten 20 combined carries over the last two games, which is absurd. I think this will change sunday but a risk. 




McKinnon at home vs. Baltimore


2 straight games of 20+ points, average of 15-16 carries a game and 6 or so receptions with 2 rushing TDs and 1 receiving. But small sample size, murray is still getting half the carries.


Both have good matchups on paper. I'm 2-4 so need this win. 


Who you got? Leave a link...whir

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That's a tough one man i have both and starting both Hyde hasn't had a Home game since week 3 even with Sean Lee back in the lineup for Dallas there Run D still ins't that good.


And with Baltimore man who knows anymore but Mckinnon can hurt you on the ground and threw the air to play it safe i would prolly start Mckinnon

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I kind of disagree with your comment about both having good matchups. McKinnon will be facing a Ravens defense that is expected to have Brandon Williams back after missing the last 4 games. If my memory serves me right the Ravens were the best or 2nd best defense against the run until Williams got injured.


I'd roll with Hyde who is playing against a bad run and pass defense.


P.S. Hyde is a decent pass target too seeing about 5 targets per game.

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I think Hyde is much more talented and I'm skeptical of McKinnon but I'd probably ride the hot hand in McKinnon. That O-line has given him massive holes to run through and he is very fast and involved in the passing game a fair bit; he also has the better QB and some other offensive weapons (Thielen and Rudolph) to keep the opposing defense honest. Cowboys get Sean Lee back so they should be much better defensively and Cowboys offense is much better than the Ravens offense so its more likely the 49ers go pass heavy than the Vikings (Both Hyde and McKinnon are good receivers and involved in the passing game but obviously things are better for them when their teams can mix up the run and pass and don't have to go strictly pass to catch up).



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Hyde.  Even with all the drama and negativity, he's bordering on top-five RB status in PPR.  And finally gets a home game, and it's against a poor run D.  People are coming down on him, saying "you know, without the TDs....."  Ok, fine.  But in my league, TDs count too. ;)


Return the favor?

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