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Kenneth Faried 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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Malone actually had some nice things to say and the thought is that he wants to have a consistent lineup night in and night out.  I believe that this bodes well for Faried going forward as he matches up well with Jokic.  The key for the manimal is to play well this week while Chandler and Plumlee are nursing their own injuries.  If he can play well he may just have a shot at meaningful minutes for the next several months...



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On 11/21/2017 at 5:53 PM, dipset86 said:

If he can get 24-28 mins with starting unit, 10-12 shots a game is possible. Plus Nuggets could let him showcase whatever he has left in the tank to give him a chance to build up his stock (as long as Nuggets are winning obviously). it's possible it takes him a few games to get going since he doesn't have much chemistry with the starting unit (assuming he stays starting pf). 12-12.5 pts 8-9 rebounds is very likely. Lyles and Juancho are not the guys to rely on so I don't honk they're a big threat to Farieds value. All depends on how much Malone likes the guy and if he's willing to give him a last shot to prove his worth.

HOWBOUDAHH! go grab him if you have a bum at the end of your team you dont give 2 s**** about

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1 hour ago, doomz said:

No love for this guy?

I know I'm loving it...he's been solid. He's avg a double/double and high fg % since Milsap went down. No stocks but he won't hurt you. I like that he hits his fts. I don't know how long it will last but I'm riding it until the wheels fall off

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Faried owner alert.  He's starting tonight.  I find it bizarre latest Roto blurb saying he's a drop candidate now.  I thought he was a must add with Millsap out.  It really is quite amazing how quickly they change their tune on players.

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