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2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread


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36 minutes ago, osb_tensor said:

so in the cron to TB deal, dickerson was DFA'd... that seems odd? assuming it's a short term deal because he had options and will brought back when other trades happen.

Screenshot from 2018-02-17 19-52-56.png


Can someone explain why Cdick was DFAed?  This does not make any sense to me. 

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21 minutes ago, TheWrightStuff said:

maybe the Angels are making room for another 1B...plenty of options still out there! OR...just clearing PT for Albert at 1b...and more Ohtani at DH

Valbuena needed a place to play with Cozart in town.  It makes sense to split between Poojhols and Valbuena.  Luis was CLUTCH for us last year.  No problems with this move.

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8 minutes ago, malta69 said:

Cbs reporting Odorizzi trade was for some no name SS. 


Rays GM appears to be on a solid bender tonight. Archer for Darwin Barney deal may even be in the works !!

Or the explanation for Texas' Volquez signing..... straight up for Archer!!!! 

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Rays finding out it's hard to make trades for "good" players when a bunch of "good" players still remain unsigned.


Rays' GM says they DFA'd Dickerson to spur on a conclusion to trade talks they've already had with many teams. Reddit hivemind says the Rays lost a lot of leverage, but really the remaining FA market along with many big spenders already at the luxury tax cap is what's killing their leverage IMO.

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