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Drop Favors for John Collins ?

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2 minutes ago, Duncan Donuts said:

Here's my team:

CP3, Collison

Batum, J Rich

Lebron, A. Gordon, T. Prince

Crowder, T. Booker, Favors

Deandre, Drummond



lolol okay favors is literally your last guy. I would do it.


just remember Favors is ONLY 26 though. An injured 26 but still young. He can turn it around. 

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I'm mulling the exact same question: 10 team 9 cat h2h, drop favors for collins? other droppable is danny green. My thought on favors is that I drafted him because I believed he was healthy, but I also had doubts about his opportunities at the rim on both ends due to gobert. he's unlikely to get back to his 2014-15 form fantasy-wise, even if he's a great RL player for the jazz. his fg% will suffer too due to all the midrange jumpers he takes now. Collins is lookin nice and has a shot at posting a double double and a steal and block, basically what we want out of favors anyway, but who knows how bud is gonna play this. Is it a wash? tough call right now.

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