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WR desperate help ! (WHIR 101%)


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Hey guys. My WRs are terrible so far and i am seriously tired to lose matchups because of my not productive WRs.. (TY low numbers + Decker 0pts). My league is PPR. I'm going to start TY (yeah again..... I have nothing better:() and there is only 1 more place to put a WR. I have  Snead vs Chi. (Q) , Parker@Bal (Q -probably out) and Doctson vs Dal and also i can add 2 players from waiver. Should i add Ginn vs Chi. , JuJu @Det , Kearse vs Atl., Anderson vs Atl. or Sanu@NYJ? And who should i start from them ??? If you feel like i have to bench TY for some of these guys please feel free to suggest me. 


Thanks for your help as awlays !

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Agree with Joey. I would have no problem with dropping Decker for a younger upside guy and see what happens.Ty is talented so its hard for me to throw shade on him. 


Add Sanu, Doctson, drop Decker for Kearse  or Anderson (whichever your prefer or has seen the more targets). I fell like the Jets are going to have to throw a lot this week. ATL is going to run up the score after their weak performance against NE.

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Sanu has a good floor and I'd get and start him. Doctson is an interesting play as well– J Reed is literally that entire offense and they're desperate for WR help. I wouldn't be shocked if Martavis lands there. I wouldn't hate snagging him either. Not so hot on Ginn with Snead coming back and a lot of mouths to feed in that offense. I get it with TY Hilton... but man that is so brutal and I'd try to pack him up with another guy for a WR2 at this point. 


It's a bummer you couldn't buy low on Cooper. Maybe do some dart throws for guys like Corey Davis who could be big second half which is the kind of gamble you need to make given your WR core.


JuJu and Snead are interesting holds on good offenses. Decker fits in there as well– I think with the BYE + Mariota healthier + Davis drawing more coverage he could be good 2nd half on an offense I was super high on coming into the season. Add a guy like Doctson and Davis and you've suddenly got 5 second half WRs and one or two of them should pay out.

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