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WDIS & ROS opinions Lamar Miller vs. Joe Mixon. WHIR 100%

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WDIS, standard scoring.


Joe Mixon vs. Colts


Lamar Miller @ Seattle


Mixon looked reaaally good first half of last game, and has a matchup that should give a really RB friendly game script, but I have no idea what his usage will be like after getting not getting a touch second half this past weekend... Miller I know will have the 70 yard floor against the Seahawks, but there isn't nearly as much upside in that matchup. Opinions?


I'd also love an ROS outlook on these guys, as I'm likely going to be using them in a package trade soon. Any opinions on which I should hold? Miller is consistently Miller, and Watson is helping that offense out a bunch, but Mixon looks absolutely amazing when he actually gets to play, even with that garbage Oline. If Mixon has a huge game vs. the colts I'm thinking I'll sell high, but if they both have average ones I'd love some help.

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