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Chris Hogan, Amari Cooper, and Lamar Miller? WHIR 100%


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Have to start 2, leaving one on the bench. 


Chris Hogan vs. Chargers - Hogan unlikely to get much attention from Casey Hayward I'm guessing? Pats D has looked better the past few weeks, putting less pressure on the offense to generate points. 


Amari Cooper @ Buffalo - Buffalo defense has been strong so far this year, but they haven't faced many big challenges. He was on my bench last week when he exploded, but it's no guarantee that he won't 


Lamar Miller @ Seattle - Obviously a good defense, but Miller has been getting minimum 15 touches a game and has a solid floor. 


My opponent is having a tough bye week, so I shouldn't have to put up huge numbers to win. That has me thinking Hogan and Miller since both seem to have a safer floor. 



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Miller and Hogan. Miller is going to get touches, so the safest bet of the three. Hogan has great chemistry with Brady and has been solid this season. Amari had 1 good game. And Buffalo has a good D. Seattle is good, but not great along their d-line, so Miller will get some points. And Hogan should get some catches. Wouldn't risk it on Amari right now. 




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