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Anyone looking to start a mid season keeper or dynasty league?

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33 minutes ago, JHoopz35 said:

Let’s do it. 5-10 sounds good. 

Maybe an added flex or rb/wr slot.


1 LB 1 DB 1DL and then a DP

Another thing I think would be cool is, in addition to the standard 1 flex spot, having a QB/R/W spot as well.  Of course most will go with 2 QB...but this would put more of a premium on QB like the real NFL in regards to drafting and trades and such 

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So how about 12 Team .5 PPR IDP. $5 buy in this year $30 to 1st: $20 to 2nd: $10 to 3rd. Next year we will talk about making it a higher $10-$20 but in. We can use leaguesafe for prize pool.


Position wise I'm down with Idp being simplified to 1 Dl 1 LB 1DB and 1 DP. And I'm down to discuss the OP slot so people could do 2 QBs just want to make sure everyone is on the same page with that but definitely an extra WR/RB or Flex.

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2 hours ago, twright7 said:

interested  toddffb@yahoo.com


1 hour ago, jabs483 said:

Interested rjabs483@yahoo.com

Both should have invite in your email to the group me it's a free app we can all group text on without needing each others number to discuss the league and draft date.

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