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Rank Em: Abdullah, Smallwood, ASJ, Mack, Gore ~ WHIR

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2 minutes ago, Steve Jeltz's Jheri Curl said:

Standard Scoring.  How do you rank these guys 1-5 for this week?


Abdullah vs Steelers

Smallwood vs 49ers

ASJ vs Falcons

Mack @ Bengals

Gore @ Bengals



Thanks, leave your link


ASJ in PPR, Abdullah in standard



Abdullah has a tough day ahead of him, but he'll be utilized, and the Pittsburgh D is weaker against the run and receptions out of the backfield; if Tate doesn't play, it's a slight boost for Lions RB receptions. Smallwood should have a good day, but if the gamescript goes as planned, it might be Blount running out the clock.


The Colts RBs are not in the conversation.


Hope this helps

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Agreed with prior - avoid INDY RB's.  Just not much there to go with at this time.


I like Smallwood vs 49ers. 


ASJ in PPR agree again, but guessing you are looking for a flex, and a TE in flex means you are really reaching.

Abdullah is getting touches, and gets decent yardage, but does not see paydirt.  (1 TD this year)


My rank:

Smallwood (we all know the niners will get rocked)








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