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Is This a Last place team? WHIR


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Pg - John Wall

SG - Kris Middleton

SF - Draymond Green

PF - Hasaan Whiteside

C - Dwight Howard

G - Eric Bledsoe

F - Aaron Gordon

Util - Dennis Smith Jr

Util - Nerlens Noel

Util -  Trevor Ariza


Bench - Marcus Smart

Bench - Bogdan Bogdanovic (Sacramento)

Bench - Stream spot (Jamal Murray/Tim Hardaway Jr/Hernangomez will probably be adds in the coming days in this spot)


H2H each Category, 8 Standard Categories

12 Teams


Good team with bad luck through 2 weeks OR just a terrible team?



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LOL that is a really solid team...just bad luck with injuries/underperforming.  Gordon is breaking out, Whiteside should ball when he gets back, and Bledsoe should be fine once he gets dealt.  Don't overreact after a week and half...you have a good team and A LOT of season left.


please help



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2 minutes ago, Mobdad said:

It's a 6 cat league for you because you can not win percentages.  You should be able to compete in the other 6 cats though if Bledsoe ever finds a home.


Yea FT% has been a black hole and i dont see myself ever competing there with only wall and bledsoe as high volume FT shooters


FG% im a little more optimistic as long as smart decides not to completely chuck during a given week

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1 minute ago, jsellers34065 said:

This is a very good team. The only thing I may do is sell out and punt FT% and sell Middleton 


i actually just traded for middleton for his 3's and steals combo not really sure if theres anyone from the punt FT% build that would even be a good target especially with middleton always being undervalued in fantasy circles

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Not a bad team at all, just a few injuries thats hurting you a bit. I see a lack of assists aside from wall and green. Id try to aim for another assist player. 

Its unfortunate for Bledsoe and Ariza owners, but if you are willing to wait it out a bit, i'd stay put. Otherwise you could try to move bledsoe tho his value is slightly lower now. 


Strengths: Reb, Blocks, Steals, and decent at points, fg, assists. Lacking in FT, and 3ptm imo. Maybe try a punt ft and 3pt team. You could try to trade middleton/bledsoe and noel for someone like dj or drummond if you can get him. You will most likely win fg/reb/blocks in that setup. Plus your  steals are strong as well. Then you just focus on trying to build more assists and points. 

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13 minutes ago, kmoore1521 said:


Yea FT% has been a black hole and i dont see myself ever competing there with only wall and bledsoe as high volume FT shooters


FG% im a little more optimistic as long as smart decides not to completely chuck during a given week

Smith puts the nail in the coffin for FT%.  He seems to be in the Rondo mode at 42% (8 for 19)

Not sure that your bigs can save your FG% with shooters like Smart (37%), Ariza(41%), Green(42%), Smith (43), Bledsoe (43%), and Wall's high volume 44%.

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that team is super stacked... especially in 12 teams. i would just hold despite the injuries / bledsoe. But once everyone's settled, then ur team should be killing it. Only ft% may be a lost category, but thats about it.

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I think that this is an assembly of good players, bit not a good team. Reason is: all players are good individually, but don't add anything together.

Fg%, you have high volume poor shooters (wall, dennis smith) and some good ones.

Ft%, with howard you are dead

3pts, you're not particularly well placed. Some players do decent 3pts (ariza, middleton), others are non-existent

Turnovers are high.


In those 4 cats, it will be hard to win imho. In the other ones, points might be difficult to win (ariza, draymond, noel..). In steals you should be a monster, assists you should be competitive too. 


Overall, I think you miss a strategy, but with the players you have u can make a few trades and solve it easily

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See in my opinion i feel like i do have an identity to this team


Bad FT% so yea

FG% i feel is a toss up any given week based off of how guys are shotting, imo unless you go all out trying to get high % shooters its a matter of luck to some extent, yea i have a few FG% anchors like smart and dennis smith, but i think whiteside howard and gordon will make up for them and more based on volume, and then at that point its up to how wall and bledsoe shoot since they are my other top scorers 


3's I feel i am competitve with everyone except howard whiteside and noel getting 1 3 a game and then ariza middleton holding it down with a stream spot for 3's (also adding hardaway jr is another 2+ 3's per)


Rebounds im good in, whiteside howard gordon noel and then wall rebs well for a pg and ariza is average for a SF, and if noel gets mins watch out!


Assists im elite in imo, wall + draymond + bledsoe + dennis smith with smart and middleton chipping in 4 per from them


Steals clearly will never lose, obvious strength


Blocks with whiteside, dray, noel and rejuvenated howard should be near the top as well


points wise is prob equal with my FG% take, not a strength but feel like any given week can be competitive to take that category


So overall i think i should win 4 cats weekly being rebounds assists steals and blocks and then steal either FG% or points obv not the best all around team limiting myself to 6-4 wins most weeks but its a fun collection of players


thanks guys! appreciate the input very helpful!

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