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Capela / Jokic Keeper Trade - WHIR


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14 team keeper league. Got offered this trade today.


I give: Nikola JokicMike James, 2018 5th round pick

I get: Clint Capela, Buddy Heild, 2018 1st round pick


The pick is obviously the huge kicker here. Capela has been amazing this year, and my only concern with Jokic is the lack of blocks. Thoughts on this offer?


PG: Mike Conley, Mike James, D. Rose (INJ)

SG: Bradley Beal, DeMar DeRozan (SG/SF), Bogdan Bogdanovich

SF: Giannis (SF/PF), Justin Holiday (SG/SF)

PF: Thad Young (SF/PF), Julius Randle (PF/C)

C: Jokic (PF/C), Hernangomez

INJ: Bledsoe (PG/SG)


Leave you link, WHIR ASAP.


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Tough call.


However, it looks like Giannis is your only source for blocks. Would Capela help you enough to win that Category most weeks (assuming its H2H). On the other hand it looks like you're solid for assists which is one of Jokic's strengths. Also, your FT% will take a hit obviously.


I think the most important thing is this - where is that pick projected to land next year? If it's anywhere in the top 5 then I think I'd lean towards making the deal (top 5 next years draft is elite). If not then hold onto jokic who could be a low first/high 2nd round pick for a long time.



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Never played a keeper league yet. It's fairly equal trade. With Capela  and GA, you're gonna dominate FG%, and it's easy to pick up 3pt specialists to build around them. Also You've got a chance to draft a promising PG for assists and 3's with your first round pick. 


Good luck! 

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