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Weather 2017 Season Outlook

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3 minutes ago, kyoun1e said:


ESPN sideline reporter indicated that wind was so strong that  porta potty was knocked over in the parking lot.


I'm sticking with E. Engram in this game. He'll get targets regardless and probably in catchup mode.


Worried about T. Hill, but hard to sit him. I could sit for D. Martin but that thought makes me throw up in my mouth.


That's crazy with the porta potty...though I am not completely surprised, as the first thing we did this morning is make sure that no trees/branches had fallen on our car overnight. For Hill, I think he can still get at least one long TD against the vulnerable/in the tank Giants, so I'm sticking with him despite two other good options on my bench (Vernon Davis & Jamison Crowder). I agree with you sticking with Hill over Martin. 

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3 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:


martin 20 touches against 1 of the worst defenses in football > gimmicky deep threat that wont be needed to beat the giants 


Would be a bold choice.


Not sure I can do it.

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1 hour ago, Patsgofor6 said:


There is this new thing called the interweb where you can supposedly look things up on your own, with just few clips of a mouse thingy.  Saves you from being called out as either lazy or helpless.


Who cares what the Boston weather is.  Look up the lastest  East Rutherford weather for yourself and its apples and oranges (spoiler alert...lots of wind).  The more wind the better from my perspective, playing against Smith and Kelce.

Congrats for winning moronic post of the day

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MetField does a great job at mitigating wind, no open part of the stadium and the stadium is pretty deep.


That said, I live in the city, just was outside for about 30 minutes getting my coffee etc.....


its not that windy at all. East Rutherford is very close to me. There is not constant gale force wind, maybe it will gust a couple of times, but at least in Manhattan it's really not that windy right now. 

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13 minutes ago, charliehustler said:

this NJ weather may have just flipped this game script and possibly raised Darkwas value.   For what its worth, overnight CBS sportslines algorthim has raised Darkwa's projected score 2 points and dropped Evan Engrams 2 points due to wind.


If anything a TE's value would go up or stay the same in the wind. QBs will still pass and likely opt for shorter passes to the Tight end versus passes to the boundaries that are more likely effected by the win. Plus Eli's never really had much of a problem passing in these types of conditions. 

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7 minutes ago, FreakFries said:

What does everyone think of B Walsh as a Butker replacement?



3 minutes ago, Golden Spikes said:


hes not avail to me, best I can find is Lambo, but Clev weather may be bad as well


Nick Novak kicking in warm and sunny San Diego - a game the Chargers should dominate  - available? 


he hasn't been very good this year, but ...

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