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I’m considering offering Ajayi and Henry for Ingram, is this even worth offering? The Ingram owner also owns Murray. Please help me come up with a fair proposal. Thanks!


My team:

QBs: Ryan, Rivers 

RBs: Ajayi, Mixon, Kamara, Abdullah, Henry 

WRs: Evans, Crabtree, Matthews

TEs: Rudolph

Defense: Seahawks

Kicker: Haushcka


His Team:

QBs: Watson

RBs: Ingram, McKinnon, Murray, Crowell, Smallwood

WRs: Hill, Stills, Shepard, Jones Jr.

TEs: Brate

Defense: Texans

Kicker: Butkar


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7 minutes ago, charliehustler said:

He won’t do it because he has Ingram who could be a top 5 back that he never takes out of the lineup and you are offering him two headaches. 


That guy needs WR help. If you want Ingram then you need to come off of Evans 


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Try...and key is try because god only knows if he would do such a thing...but try Ajayi/Henry/Crabtree for Ingram/Sheppard...Shepard could be huge ROS...he probably says no, but maybe it gets the dialogue going??Also consider putting in Kamara in any deal with Ajayi....maybe you can swing something like that...kamara has value at a rb2/flex with the pass catching he might just hate those 2 RBS

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Honestly, I agree with what you all have said. If I really want Ingram, then I have to include Evans or Crabtree in any offer to make it reasonable. I admit I'm not very good at trades hence why I don't usually offer any. I appreciate everyone's help here, definitely some food for thoughts. At this point, I'm feeling like I have to sit on Ajayi and continue to hope that he performs or has a really good game so that folks actually value him again. Its been a tough season with both Ajayi and Matt Ryan on my team, just trying to make the best of it.

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What do you all think of offering Crabtree and Henry for Ingram and Shepard? Ingram did fumble twice today and Kamara outscored him fantasy wise. If I could pull that off, would it make my team better?


Here's my team:

12 Team League, Non-PPR:
QBs: Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers
RBs: Jay Ajayi, Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon, Ameer Abdullah, Derrick Henry
WRs: Mike Evans, Michael Crabtree, JuJu Smith-Schuster
TE: Kyle Rudolph
D/ST: Seattle Seahawks
K: Stephen Hauschka

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