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I'm chasing points this week already. Not only am I going up against the #1 team in the league, but he also started the Ravens DST this week (37 points in my league). Maybe that means I go with upside over high floor?


Anyways, I need 2 RB's out of the following:

Tevin Coleman (@NYJ)

Duke Johnson (vs MIN)

W. Smallwood (vs. SF)

D. Lewis (vs. LAC)


Am I crazy to be leaning towards Smallwood + Lewis? Coleman offers a safe floor (he's not on the injury report), but I don't see the upside this week. For Duke, I just don't see the Browns doing much scoring during this game. Smallwood and Lewis both have increasing roles in offenses that should put up big numbers this week.



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21 minutes ago, Vincent Gambini said:

You're not crazy but what's your issue with Coleman?


I guess I'm down on him after last week, and worried about some lingering effects of the injury. But mostly I'm just not sold that he's got the upside that I'll need to win this week. Who would you go with if you had the choice?

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