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Best RB Stash for ROS Burkhead, Ekeler, Darkwa, Foreman? - WHIR PPR

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Started off the season with Freeman and Montgomery and we all know what happened with Ty...


Been scrambling since then to find a flash in the pan RB. I currently have Burkhead and Foreman on my roster. Would you swap either of those two out for Darkwa or Ekeler?


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2 minutes ago, GoBlue41 said:

I'd pick up Darkwa and give up Foreman if he's not a handcuff for Miller on your squad. I think Butkhead still has something to show this year. A lot of mouths to feed. Either way though, I think Darkwa is a good pickup


Ok, so you'd roll with Darkwa and Burkhead?

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I would rather have Darkwa. He has looked like the better RB and is getting the most touches, and that offers the best potential going forward. Wouldn't touch the NE RB situation ... too much of a headache each week...go with what you know.

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Out of these four I like Foreman + Darkwa best, and I'd leave Burkhead/Ekeler aside for a bit; but I have one eye on Ekeler, and Darkwa is probably the one to go as I don't trust the Giants offense one bit.

But there must be better RBs on the wire, no? Even in my 14 man league I have found better options lying around.

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