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Lineup and trade help


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12 man ppr league



Dak Prescott




K allen


Thielen flex 


I also have Mckinon, powell, crowell, seferian jenkins, snead, alex smith, alfred morris


Should i play mckinnon over thielen??


Also feel im weak at wr any thoughts on who i should attempt to trade to upgrade that position?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. 


One last thing do i drop someone and grab mcfadden so if zeke gets suspended i have both him and morris

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  • Yes on Mcfadden....I don't know if starting Ty Hilton is even a positive move these days on that team....might want to think about theilen to WR, and Mckinnon or powell at flex...Team looks very good overall.....if you wanted to try and package a WR plus a Bench RB for a better one you might get some bites from a person who needs players
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If you are like me you are thinking I gotta keep crowell...I drafted him high, and maybe this will be the week he takes off....I am not sure that ever happens...and he is on bye next week....Snead might be buried in the depth chart BUT he never seems to not be productive when healthy and on the field...if you drop him, and then he take off and  your WR2 gets better it helps the team...and if you are banking on Mcfadden/Morris playing for 3-6 weeks then you will be deciding between them/mckinnon/powell....never crowell any week ever...so i'd drop him



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