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I went Mad Genius (Or just Mad) trying to turn a bad team into something better...Did I make my team better or worse? WHIR

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Hey Everyone 


So I am a 4-3 team that won the last 3 weeks by scoring the 11th most points in the league and beating the 12th most points...3 weeks of 70-85 points scored and 3 wins...I was probably the worst 4-3 team in history!!!


I said to myself I gotta do something out their to try, and make my team better...So I went out, and made moves, and tried...and I like where I am at...but I am not sure if I got better...I hope I did...and I sure needed a change...but some reassurance that I did OR that I didn't would be much Appreciated!!



So going into each deal will take a lot of writing so I am gonna tell you the players I gave up, and what I got back.




RB Melvin Gordon (My only really really good Trade Piece I was willing to trade - Other is Ertz)

RB Legarette Blount

RB Wendall Smallwood

RB Isiah Crowell

WR Devin Funchess

WR Devante Parker



You can see I gave up 7 players, and I am gonna be getting back 5.....This was my team plus Theilen/Cousins/and a bunch of other waiver pick ups...Lost David Johnson/Corey Coleman weeks 1 & 2...you can see how bad my team was...its a 12 team 1 flex .5 ppr league...this looks like a 16 team league team



RB Alvin Kamara
RB Carlos Hyde

RB Jamal Charles

WR Demaryius Thomas

WR Golden Tate


The missing piece in explaining all this is I recieved in the gordon deal I sent out also QB David Carr which I then got RB Carlos Hyde from

I added Matt Forte through bids this week as well


So my Team is now a lot more balanced, and I hope a lot better than before???


QB - Cousins

RB - Hyde 

RB - Kamara

WR - D. Thomas

WR - Theilen

TE - Ertz

Flex - Golden Tate


Did I turn coal into gold? Or did I turn it into slightly better Coal? Or just total crap? I am very curious to know what people think, and who I undervalued or overvalued....I know i can put out a lineup that isn't full of filler in each week now but DID I GET BETTER? 

Thank you guys in advance for replying!!


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Very confusing post. Cant tell if you made 7 different trades or the first 7 for 5 megaswap in fantasy football history?

i'd break the post into a short and to the point list of trades or something concise like this is my team before and after the trade to get more positive feedback..

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