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10/29/17 - Minnesota Vikings v. Cleveland Browns Gameday Thread

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Just now, kyoun1e said:

Note to MN O coordinator: The offense operates much more efficiently with McKinnon in there vs. pounding Murray into the line on 1st and 2nd down.



This is what they did Keenum's first game.  "Let's pound it, not let him throw it."  Then other games they let him get in shotgun, spread it, and it worked a LOT better.

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1 minute ago, Corleone said:


Oof...what did you get in return? Maybe that'll be a guy who scores today this week too, to even it out.

Did Demarco, Ameer and Thielen for Howard and K. Benjamin in standard. 

Here's hoping. 

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1 minute ago, JediMasters said:

McKinnon should have more pass yards if Keenum was more accurate but good to see him producing on that last series.


Several tip balls.


No touch from Keenum. Like, maybe put a little loft on the ball?

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2 minutes ago, Corleone said:


I think you win out on the trade overall...nice job making that deal. 

Got lucky, I was trying to get out of Demarco for a while and the guy came to me out of nowhere saying he was interested in him. Took a little work to get him off of Howard, but I feel like it was a pretty fair trade both ways in the end. 


Just now, Corleone said:

Crowell is on fire.

Really would have liked to pick him up for depth, got grabbed off waivers on Saturday though. 

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