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Chriss for DSJ? (Quickest WHIR)

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I own them both, Smith is like 5 games into the league, he’ll improve and get more stl, for % well Chriss will always be better since DSJ has a higher volume (bad he sucks with FT%, hopefully he will improve it too)

By trading Bledsoe they’ll open up some minutes for Chriss yes, but don’t expect him to play 30+ (they are asking for a PG for sure but a C might be come in as well since they are loaded at SF/PF)

both players have very high upsides, since you need ast I think you can roll the dice with DSJ

another PG option? 1st one that comes to my mind is Rubio (high ast good stl, some 3s finally)

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2 hours ago, Rottweilers4Life said:

Chriss has more value and should be better long term.  Could you trade Chriss for a better PG (Rubio, Collison?)


Still new so can't post topics: Any thoughts on who's better long term, Jae Crowder or Jaylen Brown? WHIR


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I am not convinced that Chriss has more value.. ppl love rookies. 

You can also get DSJ and then flip him for someone else. I would make that trade and I own Chriss as well.

In terms of other PGs - Brogdon would be good. Lastly, consider picking up dinwiddie or tj mcconnel off the wire if they are available



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if you need the assists then that makes it an easy trade IMO...chriss is a hold for me though since hes been hurt twice, minutes yanked around, and impending trade that could take away chandler/bring in comp, so we dont really know what he can do this year yet



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I guess depending on your needs, dsj fits your team better, but like everyone aside, chriss has a ton of potential and has a higher trade value when he does pick it up. If u wanna play the long game, maybe let him build his stock then trade him 



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