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John Henson 2017-18 Season Outlook


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3 hours ago, rfhamilton said:

The f--- is all this Maker hate? Kids talented for his age. Is athletic, can shoot 3 and can play D. Hes not amazing but he is a second year. Quit hatin on ma boy. 


The only people in the world who don't seem to be worried at all that Maker has massive deficiencies: Australians and Bucks diehards.



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13 hours ago, K50K said:

I could see the Bucks making another move to solidify the Center position. Even if they keep Henson as a starter, if they are serious about making a run In the playoffs they are going to need another big. Thon Maker is terrible. 


I think if Henson gets a solid chance at 25+ mins and some confidence back he could be good for Milwaukee but I agree about Bucks making a move for a C.  A good PnR defensive big or a stretch 5 would be awesome for them.  They'd probably have to give up Brogdon or Middleton though.

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2 hours ago, Gdupm6 said:

Now if only dumbass kidd can give this guy a normal 30 minute workload 


Very nice line! So Happy I got him when Monroe got injured.


As much as I want him to play 30+ mins, I don't think he is capable of not fouling out before he reaches 30 mins. He bites at every pump fakes and he challenges every shot. More than half of his fouls are probably from pump fakes. 

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Trying to figure out if Henson is right for me. He's a FA in my league, and I'm thinking of pulling the trigger.

Here's the context:


PG James Harden, Ricky Rubio
SG Eric Gordon, Tim Hardaway Jr., Will Barton
SF Tyreke Evans, Jimmy Butler, Rondae-Hollis Jefferson
PF Domantas Sabonis, Bobby Portis, Blake Griffin
C Andre Drummond, Deandre Jordan


Leading my league (10-h2h) in assists, steals, 3PM, and rebounds.
Second in points.


Second to last in blocks.
Second to last in FG%
6th in FT%


I like where Henson is going, over the last seven games he's put up similar numbers to Sabonis with more blocks.

Would you pick him up, and who would you drop to get him?

Or would it be wise to at least wait one more game?


My league is competitive, but the other players have all been very slow on picking up trends.

IE: Picked up Tyreke, Portis, Sabonis, Rondae, and Will as FAs

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