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Team 1 in sig , I offered Howard for Millsap straight up and suprising accepted, I don't want to punt ft, but is this not a fair trade to other team and should be veto? I really like Howard this season but I can't punt FT in this lineup anymore. If this trade got rejected, should I package Jayden brown and Howard 2 for 1 for millsap? 

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I don't think that should be Vetoed, unless you colluded with the other guy.  I think the team taking on Howard lost out on some value, but Howard might fit his build better.  Not an egregious/veto able trade. 


If it does get vetoed, trying throwing Crabbe in.  

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This shouldn't be vetoed. If it does state you case, Howard is ballin so you are selling High, while you are buying low on Millsap.


Millsap - Low FG% most nights, all around stat contribution

Howard - FT% killer, FG% REB BLKS contribution


But for a specialized team Howard is a beast.




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You win this trade imo. D Howard has been a monster so far this season but he's always a troublesome player to own. Zeller is back, MKG minutes ar on the rise and when batum will be back Howard will loose value. Batum is the greatest facilitator of Hornets and he likes to play with slashing player and pick and pop. Howard is enjoying the Kemba's pick'n rolls so far. On the other hand, Milsap's value will grow as the Nuggets are slowly figuring things out. This is a typical buy/low situation and you my friend nailed it!



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