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Offered Embiid + Lamb for my Oladipo

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So first off I absolutely want Embiid... but I don’t think I want to drop anyone for Lamb.


i feel like countering and dropping it to a one for one might make him reconsider ( I think even Embiid for Oladipo alone is way in my favor). Should I just accept and sort out the lamb thing out later ?

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Wanted to clarify he offered this to me just now out of the blue


here is his team (mine is in the signature and league cats)


PG - Teague 

SG - Derozen lamb

SF - Prince Justin holiday

PF - a Davis Thad young booker favors

C - Whiteside Embiid Drummond r Lopez 

IR - Batum rondo

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I know I want Embiid I just don’t want Lamb abut I also don’t want to put it back in his court and have him reconsider trading Embiid...


im leaning towards just doing it, and dropping my favorite potential breakout in John Collins. Then try to deal off an 2-1 to pick him back up lol

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Lamb is useless to you, youre already deep as at SG especially when curry comes back, i would try throw in another low range player from your team and try upgrade that slot with a decepnt player of his

Embiid + better than your second player(same position as your other)  -  Oladipo + your weaker player(same position)

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