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Help Rank ww adds?


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1.0 ppr ten team 


qb: cam newton 


rb: lost zeke, mccaffrey, kamara, hyde 


wr: diggs, Golden Tate, Corey Davis, Marvin Jones, Mohammad Sanu 


te: Doyle 


Based on my team  help me rank the following players 


Tyrod Taylor 


charles clay 


matt brieda 


Danny woodhead 


Alex Collins 


matt forte 


paul Richardson 


robby Anderson 


Alfred Morris 





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Receiver is not a need for your team. Neither is tight end. Your immediate needs are RB and QB. Therefore, here are my rankings.


Tier 1






Tier 2






Tier 3




I'm a big, big Woodhead supporter. I wouldn't want him in a standard, but I believe he's going to be fantasy gold in full PPR. Lots of people will disagree and tell you that Collins or Morris should be your #1 targets and that may be true, but if you're looking towards playoffs I think it's Woodhead.


Next I'd say Morris and Collins hold the same value. I have Collins ranked above Morris simply due to no one knowing how Dallas's RB situation will play out. I'd want Morris ahead of DMC or Smith right now, but it'll likely be a RBBC until the hotter hand takes over. Whereas Collins has proven himself, but he will lose snaps to Woodhead. Not a lot, as Woodhead will take all of Buck's snaps. But I expect Woodhead to be a bigger factor in the Ravens offense than Buck has been barring he stays healthy.


Lastly Taylor is my 4th recommendation for your team. Cam just lost Benjamin via trade and he's already not playing very good. He gets Olsen back in Week 12, but I'd still rather stream Cam + Taylor ROS based on their matchups. Taylor has a pretty nice playoff schedule as well.



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