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2 for 1? WHIR


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8 team 9 cat


Owner is sitting in last place (he drafted Bledsoe, Lopez, Dieng, Randle) and desperate for a 2 for 1 trade. His best players: Harden, George, Cousins, Griffin, Ibaka.


should I trade for anyone? My worst categories are assists and Points.


my Team: 

Lillard, Rubio, Conley, Beverley, Smith Jr


Porter, Tatum, Hollis-Jefferson

Turner, A.Gordon

Towns, Capela

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Hmmm....maybe try and aim for harden? Gonna be tough, but if he's desperate you be able to pull it off. Try to offer lilard/gordon.....that's a long shot though. See what he says and negotiate from there. You can even try to offer lilard/dipo since dipo is balling out right now....Indiana has a bad PO sched so I suggest getting rid of either dipo or turner(but I'd rather keep Turner). 



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Would he be against a 3-2 trade?


I'd love to target Bledsoe on his team, but none of your guards are worse than his (other than DSJ, who barely has trade value at this point, and Pat Bev, who is more of a undervalued gem rather than a bargaining chip).  Dunno if you could get Harden, but I'd try to focus on Bledsoe+PG for something like Conley+RHJ/Tatum+Pat Bev, banking on the latter two's hot streaks and the fact that your trade partner is in desperate need of hot bodies.


His other players probably are playing too well to target or are just trash compared to your team (which is excellent as it is).  Given you're in a super shallow league, you can use the wire to easily get a much better player.  Honestly, I have no idea why he doesn't just dump a bunch of HIS own players and use the wire himself.

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