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Trey Baughn Rotographs Fantasy Top 100 Prosepcts

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He did a good job at actually mixing in pitchers.


Every other list I've seen so far says pitchers are too risky, which is correct, but they are more valuable than ever in this current environment, which means they are more valuable than most of the safer hitters that typically populate these list. Nice to finally see a fantasy list that appropriately ranks pitching prospects in this new environment.

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I'm a big Danny Jansen fan but surprised to see him on a top-100 fantasy list already. I pegged him closer to around 150ish maybe. 57 just seems too high with his limited high minors experience (less than one full season combined in double-A and triple-A).

I feel like top-100 guys either have the pedigree or performance - or both. Jansen was a decent prospect coming out of HS but definitely not hyped like a MacKenzie Gore - high pick pedigree with limited pro experience - or Vlad Jr - high IFA ranking. I own plenty of Jansen fantasy stock, so I'm not complaining. I like his long term fantasy outlook.

Also surprised to see Pache crack this list. Kid's got great speed but still has a lot to learn about baserunning - caught stealing more than a quarter of the time. He's got 30-grade power, so what's that - about 1 homer every 500 ABs...hell, I might have more power than he does. But he is young and seems to be able to hit. Let's see if he can work counts and get on base more before making him a top-100 though. His fantasy value's obviously gonna be steals and runs from the top of the order. I'm not convinced yet that he won't turn into a moderate version of Billy Hamilton - fewer steals, slightly higher AVG, but also struggles to get on base enough. As a result, at this point, I see him more as a bottom of the order guy.

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