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Starting new Dynasty League on ESPN

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Run thru ESPN, H2H weekly match ups...9 x 9 categories. Huge minors roster for each team (40 man) so must have deep knowledge of minors prospects. Looking for 12-16 teams. No less than 12 no more than 16, ideally 14. 30 Man MLB roster. Looking to hold first prospect draft in first week of December. If sincerely interested, contact me with additional questions. Already have the bones for an ESPN league so won't need to wait til ESPN gets back online next February......kipinca@aol.com

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Updating this post, it will now be a 14 team league, 40-man major league roster along with 42-man minors roster that increases each year with a December prospect draft. Still going to hold first Prospect draft starting Dec 4th this year. It is a free league as well. We have 6 of 14 members so plenty of time to secure a spot....kipinca@aol.com

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The original league is full but willing to do another identical league if enough people are interested.


ESPN, H2H weekly matchups, 9 x 10 categories ( BA, R SB OPS HR RBI OBP TB H on offense and ERA K W WHIP SV HLD QS K/BB OBA and BAA on pitching side), large 50 man minors roster and 40- man major league roster. Will be 12-14 teams. 


If interested, email myself at: kipinca@aol.com 


if indeed interested, state your preference on whether you prefer a free or pay league. If pay it will be modest 50 pay in or so. If you are willing to do either, please state that as well.


I don’t check this site regularly so please email me at the above address if you have interest... Thanks

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