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Rank WW PPR WRs for ROS: Anderson, Richardson, Davis

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Paul Richardson (SEA) - pretty good ROS schedule, good QB, no run game, competition for catches from Baldwin, Graham and Lockett

Robby Anderson (NYJ) - decent ROS schedule, average QB, some run game, limited competition for catches but volume is lower

Corey Davis (TEN) - decent ROS schedule, above average QB, good run game, ?? competition, unproven commodity


I have it as Richardson>Anderson>Davis......but Davis intrigues me. I have the #2 WW and am looking to fill 3 roster spots removing dead weight, so I could potentially get two of these guys.


othere WW WRs available are Ginn, Stills, Lockett and Benjamin (Travis)...but I think the three mentioned above have the best upside.


Thoughts. WHIR.

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I think you pretty much summed it up yourself. I'd have them in the same order as you as of today. Davis could potentially be the best of the three if he sees heavy targets and the Tennessee offense starts to produce, but who knows if that will actually happen. Anderson doesn't have as much competition, but still only receives mediocre targets. And then Richardson has shown the most production thus far, but has plenty of competition. So I have to say Richardson>Anderson>Davis, but in a couple weeks that could easily be Davis>Anderson>Richardson.



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