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Start Watkins, Kupp, Anderson? WHIR

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Yikes. Not a great lot to choose from and honestly it is a crap shoot. If you want to play safe go with CJA and get a base of points. If you want upside then I say Watkins since there is no Jenkins this week for the Gmen. Have a feeling he could pop off this week or then again put up a dud.



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In standard,  I would probably start CJA >> Watkins > Kupp.  CJA has the highest "floor", but if I went into the weekend down points from Thursday  I think I would start Watkins.  None of them are partcularly safe plays, but Watkins offers the most upside.



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People are still rostering Watkins? Other than week three, he is been totally useless.  


I'd put Anderson first, just because of his recent production and higher ceiling. I would put Kupp second.   10 targets last game and is  second in the league (three-way tie) in red zone targets. Goff usually looks to him first in the end zone. 

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11 minutes ago, smeeze said:

Damnit I was talking about Robby.  Robby Anderson. 

Good, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that made this mistake. When I first answered this I was thinking Robby but after seeing the comments I realized you could have meant CJA. 

Anyway, either Anderson, because I don't trust anyone of the Rams to produce on a consistent basis. lol.

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