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ROS: Darren McFadden or Alex Collins? WHIR

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Not really sure about McFadden.  I would assume he's the guy in Dallas, as we saw with the GB running backs Jones was third string but he was the guy there despite injuries. 


Woodhead will be returning soon which will mainly hurt Allen but I could see it hurting Collins also. West is also there.


Short term I would probably prefer Collins, 5 weeks from now McFadden. 

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Regardless of schedule, I'd go Collins by a mile. Who knows if McFadden will end up being the guy in Dallas, if Zeke does indeed serve his suspension? Collins on the other hand, has showed great talent and should continue to do well for Baltimore. 

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Collins for sure. His value is gonna take a hit when woodhead comes back and he could be benched at any moment from a fumble, but even with all that said, I still like him tons more than dmc. McFaddens role is unknown and will probably not come close against Collins on a touch per game basis the next 6 weeks. I could be wrong but Collins upside is hard to ignore 


Check out my thread 

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