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David Nwaba 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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In a FTM not % league(not my choice) so this guy seems like he could have pretty strong value the rest of the year. The Bulls are and will continue to be a disaster, which could mean plenty of run for him. Of course the fact that his team is getting crushed most nights could also lead to some pretty unpleasant stat lines as well.

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Justin Holiday will not play on Thursday against the 76ers. He's not even going to be in uniform, so this is a plot twist from the Bulls saying he'd be in the rotation. The easy analysis here i

O man...I'm torn between going out and buying a Nwaba jersey and wearing it to work every day or just legally changing my name to David Nwaba...decisions decisions....   Hes a beeeassstttttt

You cant spell NwaBA without NBA...MdaVidP!    

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On 12/10/2017 at 4:14 AM, hornrimmed_rambis said:



So that's the big question. I think LaVine's return may help Nwaba. My guess is Valentine is the starter because he has more range, so presumably more offense. When LaVine comes back, they would get the offense from the SG, and would need a great defender at SF. That's Nwaba.


Also note they are not getting great defense out of Lauri/Portis/Mirotic at the 4, so they need it from the SF position.


All this is pure speculation, however, on a very small sample size. Be warned. I've been holding Nwaba on my IL since the first breakout game without Valentine, on the presumption that he can regain the starter spot, so I'm a bit biased.

Same here, been sitting on my IL a week before he came back. Hope he gets the starting spot and retains it for the rest of the season. Hoiberg loves what he brings to the game (which is defense and energy) and I wish he gets rewarded with consistent minutes.

I'm just waiting for Monroe to get traded (if not then I'd drop Henson) before I make a move on activating Nwaba.

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Just now, stevenzhang said:

This guy reminds me of Kenneth faried. Tweener that makes up for it with hustle plays. 


Take it with a grain of salt, but his moves looks Wade-esque to me... the slashing style, the aggressiveness, the ability to make plays in transition.



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If you own him this guy is fun to watch. He is not a high usage rate guy, but is seemingly all over the floor all the time. He is good at drawing fouls, knows when to get his shots, and yeah defense is his calling card. Bulls has got themselves an interesting player here on a very cheap contract


And as I type this, he just went to to toe on a Rozier drive and forced a travel. What a steal/find

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Barring any injuries / trade, mark my words, this guy will be starting for this team latest by February. He was already named started, but got hurt in his first game as starting SF, which was a very bad break. He is perfect fit beside Lavine, Dunn, Niko/Mark. Holiday & Valentine are not close to what Nwaba can bring to the Bulls. Very high bball IQ, knows what to do every time, and is a class A one on one defender. The only thing that will hold him back from starting is because he is playing so awesome from the bench!

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He needs to be a little more confident in looking to score in the halfcourt though. Most of the time, he just gets a one touch pass and gives it up to black hole Mirotic who chucks up a shot. He hit 1 3pointer tonight so thats a positive sign. He needs to improve either his FT% or 3's to be really valuable though

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