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My Martin+Mixon+Cousins for his M.Gordon? Take it?

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For people who are on mobile here is my squad


ESPN 10 Team Full PPR 1PT Per Rec 6PT/TD


QB: Wilson, Mariota, Cousins

RB: Elliott, DMC, McKinnon, Mixon, Martin, Mack

WR: Julio, M.Thomas, C.Davis

TE: Gronk, Henry, Davis

DEF: Phi

K: n/a


5-3 right now 

Here's my thinking. I wanna make this trade since I am getting a top notch RB but by doing this I am significantly diminishing my chance of winning this week and helping my opponent that I am playing  for next week which is the guy that I am trying to make this trade with. If I do this trade, it means that I am start DMC and Mack as my RBs then Davis as my flex which all 3 are dicey. Another reason I want to make this trade is I want to pick up Woodhead and a kicker for this week so I need to empty out 2 roster spots. The fact is I might end up 5-5 in 2 weeks but with Gordon as the RB1 since I lost Zeke I will have the best squad in the league for the ROS and the Playoffs. What yall think? Should I make the trade?

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