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David Johnson Dynasty Trades??


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So I am in a very deep dynasty league. Just started up this year. Had the 1st pick and took DJ. We all know how that went. I am currently 6-2 atop the division (14 teams). My RBs are pretty bad. With Miller, Duke Johnson then nothing after that (Jeremy Hill, James Connor, Elijah McGuire). Been offered a couple of deals for DJ. One being A.Brown/Carlos Hyde for DJ/Corey Coleman. The other being DJ for Mixon/Dez Bryant.


Thoughts on if I should hold for next year or go for it all this year and which deal is better?



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Take the Brown/Hyde deal. Mixon/Dez is tempting as I feel like Mixon is going to be a beast but getting AB and Hyde ( could payoff big time depending where he ends up next year) is just to much to pass up.


Getting those players should make you one of the favorites to win the tittle this year. If needed package AB up and trade him next year where he should still have top 5 value ( After Bell, Johnson, Zeke and Hunt).

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