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Which Trade Should I Take? 100% WHIR

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Which deal should i take or should i stay put. 


TRADE A: My Wall and Jrich for His Turner and Carroll


Trade B: My Wall and Ibaka for His Whiteside and Harris.


I'm prolly gonna switch my team to punt assist with either of these trades. Thanks in advance!


Standard H2h - 12 Team

PG: Wall, Smart, Dinwiddie

SG: Ariza, Jrich, Crabbe

SF: Johnson, Aminu

PF: Ibaka, Chriss, Noel

C: Cousins, Collins

INJ: Bledsoe 

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Which Harris is in the second trade? Tobias or Gary? 
I don't like the first trade for sure, I think that you are losing a bit..

It's not a bad move to give up Wall and punt assists, because you are not very high on them now, but I'd like something more in return.. Personally, I'd try to get Turner, but with someone else instead of Carroll as the second player..

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