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Trading Kevin Durant: What offer is best? WHIR 100%

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10 Team H2H Points League: (On the wire: TJ Warren, De'Aaron Fox, Avery Bradley, TJ McConnell, Willie Caulie Stein)


Offer 1

My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)     Jayson Tatum (25.4)     Patrick Beverley (25.1)

For:     John Wall (35.3)          Draymond Green (31.3)


Offer 2

My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)      Patrick Beverley (25.1)

For:     Nikola Jokic (38.6)      Chris Paul (???)


Offer 3

My:     Kevin Durant (40.8)                  Al Horford (32.3)        Patrick Beverley (25.1)  

For:     Karl Anthony Towns (36.8)     Blake Griffin (35.1)     Goran Dragic (27.3)


I will be the one proposing.   I just recently got Durant and would like to test the waters and see if I can get a good trade in return to upgrade my team.  What do you think of these offers?  WHIR

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id lean towards deal 3.  2 is good but there is still the mystery of paul-harden working and paul still miss more games.  you are taking some risk on griffin as well but being able to land a more steady player in dragic is worth the stretch


im curious to see if fornier takes a hit when payton returns.   same goes for porter when morris comes back.  i think it s a closer call in a points  format but i would  side on getting porter.  no brainer in cat leagues due to porters efficiency/low TO's.  



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