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My RHJ for his Wiggins? WHIR!


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I'm in a 12 team, H2H, 9 CAT, Keeper league.

I was offered Andrew Wiggins for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and I'm unsure whether to take it or not. Their stats seem relatively similar, Wiggins seems to have an advantage in PTS and 3PTM while RHJ has FG% and FT%.

My biggest point of contention though is that within our keeper rules we have $40 to spend each off-season and RHJ would cost me $3 to keep while Wiggins would be $12. Prices increases $2 for every year we keep a player as well. So this off-season I would be able to keep Harden ($16), McCollum ($10) and Wiggins ($12) but lose one of the next year, or I can keeper Harden ($16), McCollum ($10) and RHJ ($3) and keep $11 free to spend somewhere else, or continue to keep all 3 without issue for one more year.

I guess it comes down to, would RHJ be worth keeping going forward too?

Sorry for the long post, I'd appreciate any help, thanks!

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Honestly with your league structure, RHJ is the better value long term. This year Wiggins may give you that extra boost right when you need it (unexpected 40 pointer or something like that), but otherwise he's not much more valuable if this RHJ start is the real deal. Stick with RHJ in my opinion!


Help with mine?


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RHJ's game is almost perfect for 9-cat leagues. He doesn't have an outside shot yet, but the defensive stats, great percentages and conservative TOs are all money. Wiggins obviously will have a higher usage rate, but he hasn't shown that his game is built for fantasy (outside of that 10-game stretch last year where he averaged 1.5+ steals across 20/5/3 lines). The low price tag makes it even better.


I'drevommend you stay put.

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