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Just got offered Westbrook! Do I take it? WHIR

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He offered Westbrook, Moore and Gay for Dragic, Oladipo and Lamb.


10 team H2H 9 cat


My team

PG: CP3*, Dragic, Collison

SG: Oladipo, Lamb, Danny Green

SF: Kawhi*, Tatum, Carroll, Harkless

PF: Millsap, RHJ, Ingles, Covington, Taj Gibson

C: Marc Gasol


i feel like I should hit accept right away but Westbrook seemed to be horrible after a further look and Oladipo has been out of his mind. Thoughts?

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You would be selling high on Oladipo and Lamb, maybe Dragic as well, and buying low on Westbrook, so I like it from that angle. Dipo also has a bad playoff schedule. However, Gay is going to tail off some when Kawhi comes back, and Moore is a replacement-level player.


I would try making a counteroffer, maybe mention that Westbrook is on a different team this year and you're not sure how good he is going to be, and try to get a better second and third piece out of the other team.

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In trades (esp in shallow leagues), always aim for the best player. In your case, you're getting Westbrook, the best player. I'm also sure there are decent players in your FA pool. So yeah, go for it. Batum will also be back soon, so you'll probably drop Lamb anyway.



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Yeah i agree with the above. You are in a shallow league so you should aiming tha best player of the trade. Im suriprised about the first replies talking about depth. You dont need depth, you can (almost) always find solutions in the WW to fill your holes. Its a Westbrook for Dragic+Dipo trade, who cares about Gay Moore (who i would propably drop in a 10team) and Lamp, they are just noise. I expect Russel's number to improve a bit as they are still trying to figure things out in Oklahoma. So its a YES for me


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Thanks guys, I've helped those who left a link.


I forgot to mention it is a 14 roster league, so essentially it's a like a 11 team league player pool.

WW does not have many good options, but I do have CP3 and Kawhi on IR so I guess they will take up some space once they come back.

Does that change anything?

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