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Drop Nerlens Noel for Tyler Johnson? WHIR!

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Noel has just been terrible this season. Although I like his upside, he can't seem to produce due to his low minutes and coach. On the other hand, I have always liked Tyler Johnson, and he can be pretty useful tomorrow and next week. Is it now time to drop him?


Here's my current roster (14-team, 9-cat, H2H)

PG: Schroder - D'Angelo 

SG: LaVine - Bodgan Bogdanovic

SF: J. Johnson - Prince - Carroll

PF: Porzingis - Young - Noel

C: Gobert - Embiid - Holmes

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Noel is a just a stash for me rightnow. If your team had a strong start and you can stomach the duds of Noel (im expecting more) until he gets unleashed then hold on to him. He has upside that you cant find on your WW rightnow. If you go ahead and drop him though, nooen would blame you. As a Noel owner myself i think i saw enough and im about to drop him and make his spot a streaming option weak by weak. My WW might be slightly better though. So drop him if you have a bad record rightnow or wait for him if you r doing fine despite having him.


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