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Curry for Giannis? WHIR

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Giannis had a freak start but after stringed with a couple mediocre games is currently the #3 fantasy player. Curry on the other hand is slowly sneaking the 2015-2016 version of himself this yr, now #1. It's too early in the season to tell who is going to be better, but I'm the Curry owner and was wondering if this might be a good opportunity to trade for Giannis in hopes of his upside raises above all, or do ya'll think Curry has a better chance to retake his #1 throne back after a "down" year?


Another thing that hinders me from trading though is also team build, I drafted my players around Curry and rely on his 3s a lot, so if I get Giannis I would have to do several moves (sig team 2)...


This is for a 2-yr keeper team btw (possibly more, but only agreeing on 2yrs for now)



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Its hard t tell whos gonna be better in the end. Actually its impossiple to know. I'd rather have the Freak (even though i have curry:P), because of his position eligibility and all around game, but if your build is around Curry i dont think you should do it. Giannis and Steph have more or so equal value imo.


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I'm a Giannis owner and I'm in a similar dilemma as you. I proposed earlier for Giannis+Horford+Fournier for Curry+PG13+Embiid trade but I cancelled it since I realized how stacked Golden State was compared to the Bucks.


Sure Giannis had some bad games for his standards but if you look closely it was on a 5x4 or 5x5 stat line.

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It's close, but looking at your build I think I'd have Giannis. %'s are basically a wash, but an overall increase in rebs, stocks, and a slight uptick in points gets the edge for me. And like others have mentioned, the Warriors will have more blowout games and rest days, while Giannis is 1A on a middle of the pack Bucks team. Usage will be there all year. 

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