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Which side wins  

  1. 1. Which side wins

    • Bledsoe
    • Jaylen

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I am offered Bledsoe for my Jaylen Brown. Is it worth the risk? I'm doing mediocre in my league, being 8th in a 14 team league but I believe my team will improve with or without Bledsoe. However, landing Bledsoe on a team where he would shine could be a potential game changer and league winner. On the other hand,  Bledsoe not playing till Christmas and then landing on a team like Cavs could be fatal for my season.

WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment. Cheers

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1 minute ago, BigBucks33 said:

I like Bledsoe more..I think no matter where he lands he will produce more than Jaylen Brown.



Yeah but the question is not only where, but also when will he land? Suns seem to be in no rush to trade him and Bledsoe's production after the trade has to be good enough to outweigh Jaylen's production up to that point.

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Oh man i was gonna tell you to go for Brown. :lol: Thank God i wasnt in time. I was expecting a Bledsoe trade near Chrismas my self. This trade doesnt make much sense for Suns but who cares. Bledsoe will propably take a slight hit but at least he is gonna play!!! Good Luck!

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