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Sell high candidates ....WHIR

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12 TEAM H2H 10 Cat (DD)


I've gotten off to a good start and am thinking of selling high on a few guys. Below are trades I could offer  but I'm not sure if it actually improves my team. Elfrid could have hammy issues for a long time and Tyreke is doing really well in Memphis. Millsap is aging and in a new system while Lauri is the only true scorer on the Bulls,,, Harris is a better player but JJ really helps in the 3 CAT. Am I over-thinking or should I not put so much trust in the first 3 weeks of the season and take the "better player"? THANKS AND LEAVE A LINK


Tyreke Evans for Elfrid

JJ Redick for Gary Harris

Lauri Markkanen for Paul Millsap 

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29 minutes ago, Chickenmane said:

which players are yours right now?

If you have Evans, Redick, and Lauri I would probably make the deals involving elfrid and JJ pretty easily. I would personally keep Lauri over Millsap though, but it would depend on your team build. 

agreed. Wasn't sure whose your players and who isn't but if u have evans redick and lauri do the deal for elfrid and JJ

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