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tale of two trades: could i pull both of these trades off WHIR

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Team one in signature  10 team full ppr  5-4 in 5th place top 6 make the playoffs


1. one Team offering K Hunt looking for top WR and mid level RB


who do i offer?


MY WR: J Jones, A Thielen, D Bryant, C Davis

MY RB: J Mixon J Mckinnon, M Mack, J Ayaji, T Montgomery, D Henry


2. another team is offering up B Cooks or M Thomas


who would you rather have?  who would you trade?


team as above ....


thanks WHIR

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1. HOLD. Dez is a bit banged up as well as Julio. Woodhead is coming back and Ajayi will be good after the BYE. Montgomery's role may increase a bit after last night. The Packers need to do more hurry up offense as that is what Hundley is good at and TY is a lot better at that right now than Jones.  What RBs or WRs are on the wire? You have $95 left which is probably way more than anyone else. 


2. I like Thomas but don't see a trade there. You may want to look at a TE as Brate may decrease a bit with Fitz at QB AND TB sucking so bad. I own Brate BUT am waiting a Greg Olsen return



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1. I agree, see if he goes for Bryant/Mixon. If he doesn't and you can part with Ajayi do it for Hunt.


2. Thomas is the one you'd want, but you should keep McKinnon as he's extremely valuable in full PPR. Without giving up Jones or McKinnon I'm not sure I'd move here/anything would be accepted.

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