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Need to drop someone in order to add a bye-week TE plus a receiver upgrade (looking at Robby Andersen).   Yes, I'm working on finding a trade because of my RB & K surplus but will probably not happen before tomorrow.  So:


Who do I drop?  Richardson?  Fuller?  Smith?  Someone else?  Need at least 2 droppables. 


ESPN 10-team standard redraft.  QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-FLEX-TE-K-DST

QB: Wilson, Smith

RB: Fournette, Peterson, Hyde, Kamara, McKinnon, Ajayi

WR: Jones, Fuller, Richardson, Smith-Shuster

TE: Kelce

K: Guerlain, Elliott

DST: Jags

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I would drop Smith.  There isn't a week ROS I'd sit Wilson for Smith and Seattle already had their bye. Second vote to Richardson because he won't see the lineup over any RB or WR.


Thanks for mine.

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1 minute ago, Chetubet said:

I'd drop your second kicker Elliot since theres zero reason to roster 2 kickers especially with Greg the Leg, and then Richardson. Too many mouths to feed to have the 3-4th target on the seahawks after Baldwin and Graham and possibly Lockett.


I haven't dropped Elliot because I'm still hoping I can use him as a throw in as part of a trade.  Elliot has basically scored double points almost every week.  How many of our position, let alone flex, players can say that?

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Well, wouldn't Elliott be your first drop of them all? I mean, you don't need a backup kicker.


With your RB situation, I don't think you'd ever start McKinnon again. IMHO he's droppable unless you plan to package him in a trade. 


Agreed above that now that Seattle already had their bye, you may not need Smith ROS. 


I'd drop Fuller given that Watson is out if you're looking to drop a WR. I don't trust him with Savage at QB. 



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Definitely don't drop McKinnon...


My advice is to either ride out this week without a kicker (dropping Zeurlein), or drop Elliot and hope to pick him back up.  Nobody has room to roster a second kicker on a bye week, so you'll have a shot at getting him back at least.  


I think the other one unfortunately would be Fuller.  My initial reaction was Richardson but I didn't realize how well he'd been doing.  


At the end of the day a bunch of stud RBs is a good problem to have!

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