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WR2 Slot - I don't trust Jordy. WHIR

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So I'm hoping AJG goes off like a cannon after his impromptu extra 30 minutes of rest last week. He's slotted in as WR1.


WR2 is up for grabs (I've got RB for the Flex). Here are my options:


J. Nelson

C. Davis

J. Smith-Schuster

D. Parker

R. Woods


Problem is that I like them all (minus Jordy, who I don't trust). I'm leaning towards Smith-Schuster or Woods due to matchup.


Who would you start?

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I like Parker here also.  Second vote to JJSS.  I don't trust Jordy either its just tough looking at him on the bench and not in the lineup.  There's always a chance because, well he's Jordy but Hundley has been terrible so far.   Go with Parker for the safer option, JJSS for the huge game potential or Jordy if you're stubborn lol. 


Good luck.


Thanks for mine.

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Thanks guys... I guess there's a part of me that just doesn't trust Cutler either. I'm a former Bears fan that was pissed that they traded away Orton (I'm also a Boilermaker) for Cutler, then watched as he'd make a game full of great throws but then screw the pooch when it mattered.


I need to remember that if he throws a beautiful 1st-quarter TD to Parker, and then has a critical INT to lose the game for Miami, I still get Parker's points lol.


But nobody has love for the matchups we have for Smith-Schuster and Woods? 

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I really like the JuJu matchup and decided that my Flex might be better to avoid Kenyan Drake against that Carolina defense. 


So I think I'm going to roll both JuJu and Parker at WR2/Flex and go against my usual plan to run RB at the Flex. 

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