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Evans for Wilson/Corey Davis or Hyde for Wilson/Ginn WHIR

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I'm 3-6 trying to scrape and claw into the playoffs. Only 2 games back from a spot.


PPR, start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1 FLEX


I was offered 4 similar trades from the same owner. I'm going to make a deal, just want other opinions.


Trade 1: Evans for Wilson/Ginn

Trade 2: Evans for Wilson/Corey Davis


Trade 3: Hyde for Wilson/Ginn

Trade 4: Hyde for Wilson/Corey Davis


I'm leaning towards trade 4 at the moment.


Here's my team:


QB: Wilson/Prescott

WR: Green/Dez/Davante Adams/Ginn/Corey Davis

RB: Martin/Mixon/Lynch/Aaron Jones

TE: Doyle/Rudolph


WHIR, thanks in advance fellas.




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If you're in "win now" mode, in a full PPR with 3 WR and 1 flex, I think you need to take Evans and trade Wilson/Ginn. You're screwed a bit this week with the Evans suspension, but once he comes back you're in good shape. 


IMHO Ginn is more of a "big play" guy and so you'd want to keep Davis, who might get more consistent targets and receptions, good for PPR. 


Not sure what you can do this week though. I feel like you're forced into Martin/Mixon at RB. For WR/Flex you'd probably have to roll out everyone on your roster. Green/Dez/Adams/Davis as WR1/2/3/Flex. I don't think you can start either Lynch or Jones at the flex, and Jones might be droppable at this point. 


What I don't like about this is that you're already dangerously thin at RB. Normally if you weren't in "win now" mode I'd grab Hyde, because I don't really trust Lynch or Jones. This forces you to ride Martin and Mixon and hope for the best. That said, you need to make the playoffs, and Evans is going to give you a better shot getting there than Hyde.



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I don't like any of them to be honest.  Evans is about to have Fitzpatrick throwing to him (Winston out a few weeks) and that could be ok, or it could be ugly.  Hyde is good not great.  I don't feel great about giving up Wilson over Prescott, mostly because I think Zeke will likely be serving his suspension this year and there's no way that helps Zeke.  A one-for-one trade for Hyde (or Evans, if you must) would account for the uncertainty. 




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I don't see how you make the playoffs at 3-7, so your have AJ/Dez, but need the most help at RB. I don't know that Martin is going to do much now that Fitz is behind center for 2-3+ weeks. You need Hyde more than Evans. Corey Davis has a higher floor and Ginn the higher ceiling. How's your matchup this week look? If you're a favorite, go Davis,...an underdog? Go Ginn.

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