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Trade Hunt + WR for Fournette + ? (full PPR). WHIR!

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I'm 5-4 and on the bubble, and the Fournette owner is 8-1. With Hunt on a bye, I talked to the Fournette  owner who is WR needy and he might consider trading me Fournette.

I know there's optimism about what might be coming out of the bye in KC with a healthier OL and a coaching staff who got their heads screwed on straight about how to use Hunt.


My RBs: Hunt, Howard, Hyde, Drake, Woodhead

My WRs: Julio, Landry, D. Thomas, Shephard, Smith-Schuster


His RBs: Bell, Fournette, McKinnon, Veereen

His WRs: Hilton, Adams, (Ertz in the W/T flex) Sanu, Decker, Snead, Wallace


So, how much of an upgrade is it from Hunt to Fournette (besides this week, obvisoulsy) and which WR to pair with Hunt?  Do I ask for a WR back (like Adams? *ick*)

Or, should I just stand pat? Leave a link, and I'll reply. TIA

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As others have asked, have you already agreed that it's Hunt+WR for Fournette+?, or could you make different packages here? 


What about Hunt plus Landry or Thomas, and ask for Fournette + Ertz back? What does your TE spot look like? 


Seems he's playing a backup TE in a flex spot because he doesn't have the WR depth to put a WR there. If he's WR-needy he may not be willing to pass a WR back to you (at least not one that you want). But if he's got another TE better than Ertz, you might be able to get Ertz off of him.



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