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Courtney Lee 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Underrated glue guy. My team currently ranks high in reb and block so I just add him. Hope it's gonna work. 


My other 3 and D guys are JRich and Prince but I don't like their TO. With KP/Kanter/THJ score a bunch he should be a good fit and get starters minutes going forward. 

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The last two weeks he has put up pretty consistent and solid numbers. I see the stats and haven't taken the plunge as I've had this guy in the past and he disappointed me.


Anybody think this will continue, or is this just a good couple of weeks?  He seems to be getting minutes. I don't think his recent FG% and 3Pt% are sustainable. So what's the rest of the year story on this guy? Is there some young guy in the wings who will eventually steal his minutes? There are so many borderline rosterable guys out there that have one great night and then disappear for a couple of games. 


Courtney has been pretty good lately and I have no idea if this is real or he is just shooting at an unconscious rate and will come back to earth soon.

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He won't keep this up but there's no reason not to own him. He was already a top 100 player last year and he'll most likely be a top 100 guy this year as well, with increased opportunity. I don't really understand how people still sleep on him even in deep leagues, after proving to be a solid fantasy option for such a long time

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I'm in a points league, so that makes a big difference in his value for me.  He was in Cory Joseph, Austin Rivers, Buddy Hield range in my points league last year.  His fantasy points per minute played is only about .69, with how my league scores. So if he loses minutes to anybody, or those % take a hit, his value  dives. 

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Just now, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

career year best avg was 12.5ppg, right now on this year he's 13ppg, past two weeks is 15ppg, past week he's avging 18ppg. Where will he settle? A little regression has to be coming..


career yes, but I think this team right now fits him most. 

I glad I picked him up

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Picked him up as a streamer over a month ago but he's just been cruising for so long now i could never drop him.  Sustained, consistent production with ridiculous efficiency.  He's shooting 54% over the last 30 days, over 50% from 3 and over 90% from the line.  On fire.      

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